From the Author’s Mail Box


These are from handwritten notes to the author from kids. 
No alterations to spelling and punctuation have been made.


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Both books made me laff so much!  Both books were really, really, REALLY!!  My favorite part was in Sofia’s Backwards Day when she put the syrup on the plate when it was empty and all the pancakes were all in her tummy!  But I also loved J.D.’s scratch match.

—Ben, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I relly like your books. I espeshaly like Elenas Big Cheese Squeese.  I liket when she held her nose and said more cheese cubs pleese.  It was relly funny.

—India, 2nd Grade


: : : :


This letter is about your books.  Your books are… Tremendous, Awesome, Fantastic, Amazing and Brilliant.  Wow isn’t that alot of words?  But the won I like best is…Elena’s big cheese squeeze!!  You are graet at making books.  But Alfonso to because he is so cute.

—Hannah, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I LOVED J.D.’s Scratch Match and Sofia’s Backwards day  It made me lagh the hole time we read the books!  I had so much fun reading them!  I loved when she picked up the phone and said hello and then hung up and I also love the part when she was going to bed and said I going to spend tommrow UPSIDOWN!

—Mia, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I loved you’r book Elena’s Big chess squess!  It is funny!  I love it!

—Spencer, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I liked the books!  I liked J.D.’s Scratch match and I liked Sofia’s Backwards Day!  You did a good job!  I liked that they were both funny  I laughed and laughed they were really funny!

—Renee, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I realy like’t Elena’s Big Cheese Squeeze because you can do More cheese cubes pleas in funy voysis.  And I allso like’t wen Elena was saying more cheese cubes pleas and her mom had left the fon out and wen it was time for the party a chruck came and it was fool of cheese cubes.  I allso like’t wen there was a big crash up stears and Elena’s Mom said What was that it sadid lik the hole rufe fell in!!!  I really like’t Elena’s big cheeze sques.

Oliver, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I love your Books!  Exspeshely J.D.’s Scratch Match.  They are both amazing!  In Sofia’s Backward’s Day the pancack prt it is asuem!  Thay are both entrtaning.

—Patrick, 2nd Grade


: : : :


Your books are owsum and the kech frasis wear rely funny in Elena’s big chees skwes and in Melissa and Alfonso first farewell it was sad when Melissa had to leve Alfonso bhind from vcshun but Alfonso has fun at home and he dus the same things Melissa dus  its a cuinsduns.  In Elena’s big chees skwes the kech fras wear funny.

—Meghan, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I love the books so much!  J.D.’s scratch match was very funny.  It was also cool when it kept getting noisier whenever somone or somthing came in.  I also liked Sofia’s Backward’s Day I thought it was very funny when Sofia opened the book and said The end and after Sofia said everything in the middle of the book she said Once opon a time and then shut the book closed.

—Zoe, 2nd Grade



I loved your Books.  Igspeshly Elena’s big chese squs.  Wate I liked that Elena alwese sade more cheese cybs plese.  In Melissa and Alfonso’s first farewell is that Melissa and Alfonso so many similr fings.  Your books ware so great.

—Alex, 2nd Grade



I like in Sofia’s backwards day it said aifos it was so so SO funny.  In J.D’s Scratch match I thout the cat and mous where going to brak the wall and the cat was going to get eaten.

—Lucy, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I love J.D.’s Scratch match because it had talking Animils and how the boy hihered the funny Animil control guy and his Animil control guy’s mesheen and then when the mouse slept on a block of cheese.

—Pierce, 2nd Grade


: : : :


J.D.s Scratch Match was rele funny.  I like that it was going cus first it was the maws than it was the cat and maws and the owls cep on cuming   now back to the first thing I was telling about then the dogcatcher mshin was doing to so it was the dogcacher mshin was scach to and the cat and the maws were all doing

—Jimmy, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I liked Melissa and Alfonso’s First Farewell  I like how you made Alfonso talk  I like how he was doing the same things that Melissa it was sad to Melissa to say good bi to Alfonso but she hade a good time  I like how they got happy when they saw echother they where so happy

—Evan, 2nd Grade


: : : :


I LOVE your Books  I love the twest at the end.  And how Aifos sed by on the fone.

—Scott, 2nd Grade


: : : :


Melissa and Alfonso’s First Farewell.  I like how you made them do the sam igsact things. The book was sad when Melissa left.  THANK YOU!!!!!

Mia, 2nd Grade